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About lean body studio

Lean Body studio is a Mississauga fitness studio dedicated to our clients and athletes. Lean Body Studio specializes in one-on-one personal training for clients who want to pursue and meet their fitness and weight loss goals.  Each and every one of our clients receives unique and personalized training to help them achieve their goals. We also educate our clients on the importance of healthy nutrition, proper technique of weight training, motivation and discipline. We set up all of our clients for success and positive lifestyle change.

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Personal Training

One of the most effective ways to get fit and stay fit. You will get a customized workout to suit your personal goals and “in your face” motivation. Choose from 30 minute or 60 minute sessions by appointment only. We will teach you the importance of technique, proper form and educate you on how to achieve a balanced lifestyle.


Group training is perfect if you want to work out with a friend or a few co-workers. Group training sessions are 60-90 min long.



Our goal is to help you get you into the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE so that you look and feel amazing throughout YOUR ENTIRE ENGAGEMENT. You have engagement photos, showers, a bachelorette party and other milestones coming up that you deserve to look and feel amazing for. We make it happen.



Leroy was my personal trainer for a few months. Leroy’s approach to personal training is so professional and natural. He made me feel comfortable and confident that I could achieve a personal fitness goal. When Leroy has a session with you he really utilizes that time to focus only on you by paying close attention to your needs and tailoring a program that is diverse and challenging every time. Outside of our sessions, Leroy took the time to put together a meal plan and workout plan that works for me. He constantly challenges you and makes you feel like you can push yourself harder every time. He has changed the way I approach my workout sessions and overall fitness lifestyle.

Nadia M

I highly recommend this studio to friends and family! If you’re looking to get in shape, but not too sure where to start – reach out to LeRoy Alexis of Lean Body Studio. I chose to start my journey on November 2018 – I met with LeRoy and explained my weight concerns and what I would like to achieve. His personal training, exercises, and motivation helped me regain my confidence and I have developed a well-balanced. I can happily say I still train at Lean Body. This studio is great – the environment is super friendly, energetic, and clean. I also attend the boot camp classes and love it! Overall, I’m happy with my experience and would encourage anyone who’s considering personal training or strength training to join!

Kim M


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