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I made a commitment to myself to lose weight, get healthy and fit. I joined a martial art gym and trained hard 4-5 days per week. I worked with trainers but only saw minimal results. Being frustrated with doing the work but not getting the results I started to look elsewhere. That’s when I met Leroy owner of Lean Body Studio. I began by trying out his boot camp once a week. The training was intense and challenging and Leroy was always cheerful. It left me wanting more. We discussed my goals and expectations. He promised me we could achieve my goals with his comprehensive nutrition plan and innovative workout approach utilizing multiple muscle groups simultaneously. His workouts are always new and he challenges you to push yourself beyond even what you think you can do. Thanks to Leroy’s motivation and vast training knowledge, I lost 35 lbs and 10% body fat within a 2 month period. The muscle definition is noticeable and I feel healthy and energetic. I highly recommend Leroy as a personal trainer to everyone. He has a passion for transforming peoples bodies”

– Gina

“Once upon a time I considered myself to be a pretty good athlete in my late teens, early 20’s.  I was always on the go and had lots of energy.  Then I let work take over and it consumed my time, energy, and I put on 15 lbs of bad weight.   I always lacked motivation to really push myself.  That’s where Leroy came in. I didn’t know what to expect, so I went in open-minded. The workouts were tailored to my specific physical fitness level.  Leroy pushed all the right buttons to get the maximum results I needed.  Nobody likes to just run on a treadmill…so running with weights, climbing hills, lunges, plyometrics, wind sprints with parachutes….every work out was different and unique.  I was using muscles that you don’t typically use when you’re just lifting weights in a gym.  I felt after the 8 weeks that my body was more toned, and I felt more confident about myself.  It got me back on track. I lost 7 lbs, but more importantly set myself up to realize how hard you need to work if you want results.  The workouts exceeded my expectations.  I will definitely be signing up again, to get another 8 weeks of great workouts.  Variation is the key to sustaining physical fitness.”

– Brad James


Leroy was my personal trainer for a few months. Leroy’s approach to personal training is so professional and natural. He made me feel comfortable and confident that I could achieve a personal fitness goal. When Leroy has a session with you he really utilizes that time to focus only on you by paying close attention to your needs and tailoring a program that is diverse and challenging every time. Outside of our sessions, Leroy took the time to put together a meal plan and workout plan that works for me. He constantly challenges you and makes you feel like you can push yourself harder every time. He has changed the way I approach my workout sessions and overall fitness lifestyle.”

– Nadia M


“I highly recommend Lean Body Studio. It’s clean and personalized studio, so most machines are available for use. The staff is very professional, friendly and really care about their client’s progress. They take time to understand your needs/requirements and genuinely help you work towards your goals.

I did personal training at the Studio with Tish. He was SUPER knowledgeable and made the whole workout very fun and motivating. I already see results I am happy with, while also understanding the workout routines and how to build strength. As a beginner, I loved this and can’t wait to go back and train with him again!”

– Sahar S

“Friendly staff that really care about helping you reach your goals. Classes are challenging in the best way. Upbeat studio with good music, good vibes and killer workouts.

Would recommend to anyone who is looking to reach fitness goals and for those who want to change up their usual workout routine. Even in classes, instructors help with form and keep motivating you.”

– Alexandra P

I highly recommend this studio to friends and family! If you’re looking to get in shape, but not too sure where to start – reach out to LeRoy Alexis of Lean Body Studio. I chose to start my journey on November 2018 – I met with LeRoy and explained my weight concerns and what I would like to achieve. His personal training, exercises, and motivation helped me regain my confidence and I have developed a well-balanced. I can happily say I still train at Lean Body. This studio is great – the environment is super friendly, energetic, and clean. I also attend the boot camp classes and love it! Overall, I’m happy with my experience and would encourage anyone who’s considering personal training or strength training to join!

– Kim M

“Lean Body Studio is a very welcoming environment! They make you feel comfortable while striving to help you reach your goals. The instructors are very motivating during challenging fitness classes. Lean Body Studio made me look forward to every workout with them! Leroy, as well as the rest of the staff, genuinely care and it shows through the continuous encouragement and support!”

– Julia

“I had a great experience training at Lean body Studio. The variety in workouts shows how knowledgeable the trainers really are. They will adapt each exercice to your level of fitness and will find alternatives if you are uncomfortable doing any of them. They are dedicated to their clients success and follow through on their clients progress. It shows that they care about you reaching your goals!

Although they offer group lessons, I signed up for personal training and found that the studio was never too crowded unlike gyms, where you might have to wait to use certain weights/machines.

I highly recommend Lean body studio for any fitness goals, whether it is to lose that extra stubborn fat, put on some healthy weight or get that summer body you always dreamed of!”

– Maggie

I’m participating in their bootcamp classes and it is the best decision I ever made. They are all so friendly and push you to go harder. They really help you get the results you want.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good workout! 

– Andrea L

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